History of the center

Republican State Institution “National Center of Manuscripts and Rare Books” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established in accordance with the decree of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 31, 2017 № 321 “About reorganization of some republican state institutions Ministry of Culture, Information and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan.” The grand opening of the National Center of Manuscripts and Rare Books held 10 June 2017 in the framework of the international specialized exhibition “EXPO-2017” with the participation of the Minister of Culture and Sports Arystanbekov Muhamediuly and Rector of the Eurasian National University ENU Yerlan Sadykov Batashovicha. The subject of the public institution is the identification, collection, updating written documents (copies) (manuscripts and rare books) of the National Archival Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan that are stored in the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad, related to the history and culture of Kazakhstan, to ensure their safety and use. The purpose of the public institution is the acquisition of historical sources, manuscripts and rare books (copies) of the National Archival Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan, preservation and restoration of documents, the use of retrospective information in the interests of society and the state.

To achieve the goal, the state institution carries out the following types of core activities:

1) identification and collection of archival documents, manuscripts and rare books (copies) of historical and cultural value for the Republic of Kazakhstan and stored in private and state archives, libraries, scientific institutions, both foreign and foreign;

2) systematization and classification of documents, manuscripts and rare books;

3) development of methods, rules for studying and using historical sources;

4) popularization of documentary and manuscript historical sources, development of methods for their research;

5) identification of information on documents and manuscripts kept in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as abroad and related to the history of Kazakhstan;

6) establishment of the origin of the written source (author, time, place, authenticity, circumstances and purposes of compilation);

7) the establishment of the text of written sources (reading the text, establishing the basic or initial text and its additions, deciphering the cryptography and abbreviations, learning the language, style, etc.);

8) participation in the return of documents of the historical heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan, stored in archives, manuscript departments of libraries, museums and scientific institutions of foreign states;

9) maintenance of a database on foreign sources, acquisition, implementation and development of automated information systems and the creation of automated databases to a historical source;

10) preparation and publication of scientific papers, publications and methodological guides in the field of ensuring the safety of written sources, reference and methodological literature;

11) creation and maintenance of an electronic catalog of documents, manuscripts and rare books that have been received for permanent storage in a state institution;

12) rendering scientific assistance to archival and other institutions in the preparation of documentary publications, scientific review of collections of documents prepared for publication by archival and scientific institutions;

13) creation of an insurance fund and a fund for the use of documents, manuscripts and rare books stored in a public institution;

14) interaction with scientific and cultural institutions of related industries in the republic, similar in structure to their activities by organizations in foreign countries;

15) organization and conduct of business trips and scientific expeditions;

16) examination and scientific description of documents, manuscripts and rare books identified by members of scientific research expeditions of the state institution in the country and abroad;

17) restoration and conservation of manuscripts and rare books, restoration of the basis of documents on paper carriers;

18) binding of manuscripts and books.