Today in Astana the solemn opening of the exhibition “Ybyray Altynsarin – Great Educator, Educator” was held, organized jointly with the “National Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books” and “Kostanay Regional Memorial Museum of  Ybyrai Altynsarin”.

The exhibition was organized on the eve of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Astana and within the framework of the implementation of the agreement on mutual cooperation between the two institutions, as well as within the framework of the “Ruhani zharyrou” program on the eve of the “Days of Culture of the Kostanay Region” in Astana.

The exhibition presents the original of the rare book “Sharitatul-Islam” of Arab origin, works, ethnographic essays, the first collection of poems “Zhevesh” from the fund of the Kostanai regional memorial museum named after Ybyray Altinsarin, written by the family of Ybyray Altynsarin, the tent of the grandfather of the educator Shegen Biya and many other exhibits, and a video will be shown.


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