A Look into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness

Today in the framework of N.Nazarbayev’s program “A Look into the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness”, a hard disk presentation ceremony was held at the National Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books with the participation of the Advisor to the Minister for Islamic Affairs, the Secretary-General for Islam and the Wazifov, DOCTOR Majeed BEN ABDEL AZIZ BEN NASSER AT-TURKI from Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, collected from a special program from the 6th to the 7th through the 20th century, copies of manuscripts of works that left the life of scientists.
The disk contains the history of the Arabic language, culture and literature, grammar in the field of learning, fikһ, hadith, tafsir of the Koran and genealogy. On this topic there are manuscripts of scientists who came from the Kazakh land, for example, several works of al-Farabi and works of scientists from Turkestan, Syganak. Also, a complete collection of works by Khoja Ahmed Yasavi “Shezhire Yasab Nama” was collected. These manuscripts are written not only in Arabic, but also in Persian, Chagatai, Old Turkic languages ​​and Arabic script. The book consists of 1400000 pages.
The event was attended by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Kazakhstan and the staff of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
At the end of the event, a memorandum was signed between the two countries of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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