A valuable Koran found in the holy month of Ramadan

In the Akmola region, Tselinograd district in the village of Birlik on the eve of the holy month of Ramadan, during the underground works to find a water pipe to the house, a Koran was found. It should be noted that the Koran preserved this book till the 20th century in the Kazakh steppes, the inhabitant of the same village, the religious scholar Sagyndyk Isabekkazyevich.

During the persecution of religious figures, he fled to the former Omsk region, to the present East Kazakhstan region. At the end of his life, leaving his son Ahmet kazhi and Baiman to the brother of Halel in safety, he returns to his native land, for burial of the Koran next to the house, and punishes the notebook from generation to generation on the blood branch.

The Koran, which was left as a legacy, and the note-book were transferred to our Center by the third generation, granddaughter, and now the resident of the city of Astana, Dameley Kakimovna. With the help of our specialists it was read in the notebook how to store the Koran hidden near the house.

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