Round table on “Intellectual heritage of Abu-Nasir al-Farabi from Holy Otyrar”

A round table entitled “Intellectual heritage of Abu-Nasir al-Farabi from Sacred Otyrar” was held at the National Center.

Famous scientists, Farabists and outstanding intellectuals and public figures of the country, whose spiritual values ​​were brought to the attention of the world-famous scientists of UNESCO, took part in Sacred Otyrar, which is the initial legacy of our spiritual culture.

During the round table, the issues of studying medieval scientific works, unique works of the Turkic-Islamic worldview, accumulation in scientific circulation and transformation in favor of domestic readers were scientifically analyzed. Also, issues of training young specialists in the field of Farabi studies, studying medieval texts by researchers of Islam and religions, forming effective mechanisms for using religious texts in the modern educational process, organizing their propaganda and presentation were also discussed.

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